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Reader Book Rating: = Purr-fect!
I recently read your book "Tatianna". I want to tell you how much I enjoyed it and thank you so much for sharing precious Tatianna and your story of loss and hope. I also liked the information you included using holistic healing. I use natural foods and herbs with my animals. I recently lost my beloved 12-year-old dog and three months later my 12-year-old cat Limpy died unexpectedly.

I have loved and lost many pets over the years but there was something very magical and special about my cat Limpy. Our relationship was much like the way you described Tatianna and you. I also read her the "Rainbow Bridge" poem just as you did for Tatianna. I stayed at her side constantly the last few days, keeping her comfortable and praying. I told her to wait for me in heaven. Limpy was the most amazing cat I have ever known. Losing her and my dog Ringo have been very heartbreaking for me. I'm happy I found your book. It has brought me much needed comfort and inspiration.

~ Heidi from Georgia

Reader Book Rating: = Purr-fect!
Just adored your book, very well written and for someone who loves their "kitties" like people, quite a tear jerker. I could not put it down and have ordered 2 copies to give to friends. What a treat for you to take the time to write such a loving account of your life and loves! (including 2 legged) When my husband and I went to Bonaparte for dinner, I spotted your book and was hooked by the cover. Thank you so much for writing the book.

~ Serena from Iowa

Reader Book Rating: = Purr-fect!
I read the book last weekend and sobbed through the last several chapters reliving my Elliot's last days - I can laugh about it today, but it was a great "therapy session." LOL! I have a 13 year old Ragdoll named Hunter, and I finally think I am ready for another kitty!

~ Nicole from Florida

Reader Book Rating: = Purr-fect!
I have just now finished Tatianna and am I tears. In fact I’ve been sobbing off and on for hours. I had to put my 14-year-old Dodo down unexpectedly exactly one week ago today. Your wonderful book led me through my own journey with him, and I realized, too late to tell him in life, the gift he had given to me.
I have read and written about the selfless and unconditional love one receives from a pet, but never truly understood it until Dodo was gone and I read about Tatianna’s eyes. Thank you for helping me, through your lessons learned from Tatianna and the others before her, to fully understand the love only a cherished pet can bestow. I have had cats my whole life, loved them and cried for them when they left this world, but it’s taken me 62 years to fully comprehend true love.

~ Marci from California

Reader Book Rating: = Purr-fect!
I just finished reading "Tatianna", and it seems as if I have just said "Goodbye" to some dear friends, you and your precious cats. Needless to say I loved the book! I cried at each of your cats' passings. I could easily identify with your love and compassion for your kitties. I'm writing mainly to let you know how much I enjoyed reading about Tatianna and all your cats. I hope you are writing a second book because by now I know you have lost your dear Katarina and are now caring for Lexie Lee. As I read your book, I tried to picture your lovely home and yard and all your beautiful Christmas trees. I wish you would include pictures of these in your next book if it's possible. I so enjoyed all the pictures of your cats and the settings in which they were taken!

~ Diane from California

Reader Book Rating: = Purr-fect!
I arrived home a couple of days ago to find your book in my mailbox. It was placed there by a neighbor who had asked how my 15 1/2 year old precious feline was doing. I responded by telling her that 'Stoli" was not well and that she was in renal failure and that her time with me was not as long as I was hoping for. A couple of days later she left me your book in my mail box with a note.

I have been through all of the treatments you mention in your book sans acupuncture and she is close, I believe to letting me know she is tired. I, too, have a kitchen that at this very moment looks like a delicatessen in that I will try anything to prompt an intake of food. What I want to tell you is that your book has been extremely helpful in going through this process. Sometimes I have felt as though I was the only person who was so invested in my faithful partner. When the time comes, which will be soon, I will let my girl go with love and dignity. You need to know that your book has given me strength and hope.

~ Marie from New York

Reader Book Rating: = Purr-fect!
When my friend was at home recovering from a fall I loaned her my copy. She called and asked why I gave her that book to read. She said it brought back many memories of her cat she lost to kidney disease. She said she cried and cried and then ask for a copy of her own!

~ Mary Ann from Illinois

Reader Book Rating: = Purr-fect!
I finished reading Tatianna on the beach this weekend. I was crying and wiping tears with my beach towel! It touched me so...Linda Mohr's book is so sweet. What a bond she shared with her cats, especially Tatianna. I felt the same bond with Mattie. I made a copy of the Rainbow Bridge poem and put it in Mattie's memory box. Just like Linda, I feel Mattie's spirit with me, watching over me. I loved it and am ordering copies for my cat-loving friends.

~ Kathy from North Carolina

Reader Book Rating: = Purr-fect!
The story of Tatianna and her life with you was wonderful. It touched me on many emotional levels. I remember so clearly all your different rooms, their themes, your antiques, your many Christmas trees, time spent on your patio and of course your wonderful kitties. I can't tell you how much it meant to me to learn about your spiritual journeys with both your 2 legged and 4 legged companions.

My neighbor just went through a similar experience with her 13 year old Scottie dog, Mattie. I loaned her the book on Tatianna because I know it will somehow comfort my friend. Your love and devotion to Tatianna was truly inspiring.

~ Nancy Lee from North Carolina

Reader Book Rating: = Purr-fect!
Thank you for sharing Tatianna and your relationship through your book. I enjoyed it very much. It stirred some fond and sometimes painful emotions. My husband and I have often marveled at how we bring these amazing creatures into our homes, make them our pets, and develop a loving bond that is forever. Their unique characters, unconditional love and presence fill our home. Our relationships bring fulfillment to our lives. I would like to buy five more hardcover books!

~ Joan from Florida

Reader Book Rating: = Purr-fect!
Wow, what an amazing book. My husband grabbed it and read it before I could and he loved it. Then I read it from cover to cover and couldn't put it down until I finished it.

~ DeeDee from Florida

Reader Book Rating: = Purr-fect!
I loved your book. It brought back memories of my pets and their affect on my life.

~ Mary Ann from Missouri

Reader Book Rating: = Purr-fect!
What a fabulous story! I've never known anyone with such dedication to their pets. It is a wonderful tale best read with a box of Kleenex nearby. I want to come back as one of your animals! What a great life they have!

~ Deb from Connecticut

Reader Book Rating: = Purr-fect!
Tatianna is a great book! I want to order one for a friend.

~ Steve from Missouri

Reader Book Rating: = Purr-fect!
I’m a dog lover! I always admire cats from afar so I was not prepared for my heart to be completely enveloped by Tatianna and your amazing tale. What a beautiful piece of writing. How rare it is to be so emotionally taken in by a memoir. Your book is not just for cat lovers but anyone who has a heart! As you shared your personal journey and your connection to your cats I became more enthralled with each page. Thank you for daring to share all of your personal turmoil as well as your joy as you and your feline friends became a magnificent team! You have inspired me to love my Trixie in a whole new way! (and maybe meet her continual request for a cat!)

I’ve already recommended your book to all my pet loving friends - congratulations!

~ Sacha from Connecticut

Reader Book Rating: = Purr-fect!
Congratulations on your outstanding piece of literature! Your writings of “Tatianna” is a compelling story filled with emotional charge and heartfelt joy. Thank you for bringing the importance of our furry friends to the forefront of our lives. They do, indeed, complete our existence. May you always be comforted by the “one” who warms your shoulder and your heart.

~ Nikki from Florida

Reader Book Rating: = Purr-fect!
I loved your book. WOW! I laughed and cried. I could not put it down. What a wonderful book. I could see each cat and your strength for caring for her! You write and I felt as if I were there. I loved each chapter with its meaningful reading before the story. I hope you write more books because God has certainly gifted you!

~ Barbara from Missouri

Reader Book Rating: = Purr-fect!

Moving, tender, genuine, loving, authentic, and spiritual are words that describe my reaction to the Tatianna book.

The quotes that begin each chapter are well selected and effective in setting the tone of that chapter and providing rich meaning and subtext underlying the events to come.

The specificity and selection of detail throughout the book is outstanding.  For example, the juxtaposition of outside ordinary events and what is unfolding inside the house on Tatianna’s last morning is extraordinary. I fell in love with the Christmas Cat Tree. It is a fabulous chapter and illustrates the power of well-chosen detail.

You know what will happen from the beginning of the book—you don’t want to read it, but you have to!

~ Davee from Florida

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