Tatianna - Tales and Teachings of My Feline Friend

Speaker Series

“My mission in the classroom has always been to be enthusiastic, enlightening, and engaging. Making a heartfelt difference in the lives of people and pets is paramount.”

Linda A. Mohr
Author of Tatianna—Tales and Teachings of My Feline Friend
Professor of Marketing and Management at Northwood University

The following topics are designed for your group’s needs ranging from fifteen minutes to half-day presentations. Custom-designed programs can also be requested. Attendees receive a printed outline for note-taking as well as supplementary materials.

The Human-Animal Bond

  • Fostering the human-animal bond
  • Tuning in to our animals’ stories
  • Learning life lessons from the human-animal bond

Your Senior Feline and Kidney Disease—What are the odds?

  • Recognizing and diagnosing kidney disease
  • Learning the causes of kidney disease
  • Treating  with transplants, diet, hydration, medicine, and alternative options

Farewell My Furry Friend

  • Knowing how to tell it’s time
  • Letting go and saying good-bye with grace
  • Honoring your pet at the end and beyond

The Creative Process:  So you want to write a book!

  • Engaging the creative process
  • Writing everyday
  • Bringing your dream of being a published author to life

The Creative Process:  So you’ve written a book….now what?

  • Knowing how and when to begin promotion
  • Marketing in your backyard and beyond
  • Sustaining the success of your book
For availability, fees, and scheduling, email Linda Mohr.

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